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Reaching your marketing goals takes more than just reaching your audience; it takes smart strategy, insight, and experience to achieve meaningful results. With a passion for crafting campaigns that command attention and compel action, The Lee Group is your creative marketing and digital media solution.

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Elevate your brand. Improve your impact. Grow your business. Explore all the ways our comprehensive services transform intelligence into action and drive your success.
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Untangling Business Challenges with Smart Strategy and Creativity.

We get it. We dig in, listen, and learn until your industry, business, and mission are crystal clear. Collaborate with a creative marketing partner that thinks outside, above, and around the box.
”The Lee Group is more than just a marketing agency; they are a trusted partner dedicated to our success.”
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We listen. Ask questions. Think through ideas. Present solutions.
Our team has well-rounded experience with regional and national brands, major players, and all those movers and shakers. Intelligence is our north star—and curiosity cuts our path.
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There’s no magic process to effective marketing. Unless you call research, brainpower, and hard work a process. We study your industry, audience, and brand until we know it as if we own it.
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No matter the medium, our work not only gets attention – it gets results.
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Practice what we preach? You bet. We relish applying our experience and expertise to real-world situations. Starting with a solid strategic foundation, we’re able to meet challenges, solve problems, and above all, build success.
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Alan Babb

EVP of Creative

What are you looking for in an advertising agency?

While most agencies lean on their “unique” culture, funky office space, cleverly named process, or walls of awards to attract clients, we take a more thorough, thoughtful approach.

After all, consumers are only getting savvier. These days, effective advertising not only takes clutter-cutting creative but also solid, intelligent strategies that rise to the demands of an overly saturated hyper-focused marketplace.

The Lee Group embraces this challenge by simply focusing on being smart. We believe an intelligently devised strategy clearly defines the target audience, informs and inspires great creative, drives the CTA, and ultimately converts prospects into buyers.

In other words, intelligence delivers results.

Of course, entertaining ads have their place, but a clever headline or being irreverent for irreverence’s sake doesn’t necessarily mean your customers will convert. It’s the intelligence behind the creative that counts — the critical thinking, the experience, the expertise, and above all, the strategy. That’s what The Lee Group brings to the table, and it’s what sets us apart.

Ann Lee

Founder and CEO

There’s a sign that hangs on my wall with a quote from advertising great David Ogilvy. It reads: “It’s not creative unless it sells.”

This sign has been my constant companion through four decades, in half a dozen different offices, and while producing countless award-winning campaigns for more than 850 clients across 48 states.

It’s my eternal beacon of truth. And it has never been more relevant than it is today.

To move the needle in today’s omnichannel, over-communicated, fractured, and highly competitive world takes far more than it did a decade ago—or even last year.

Today, it takes strategy born from data and insights, concepts brought to life through creative brilliance, and integrated media and channel planning that’s on target and optimized to reach customers when and where they are.

It takes intelligent marketing. And it’s what produces marketing that sells.

I’m immensely proud to have a team that’s the very best at what they do and is willing to put their individual egos aside to make our clients and their products the heroes.

I’m equally blessed to have clients who are willing to share their knowledge and provide the uncensored candor it takes to forge great partnerships.

If you’re ready to partner with an intensely strategic team that’s invested in your bottom line, let’s put intelligence to work!