Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas

Non-profit delivers double-digit increases for employment in face of 26% funding reduction.

Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas continues to successfully develop a talent pipeline of qualified job seekers that meets regional employment needs for high-demand, high-growth occupations.

The Background

As the designated local workforce development board for Southeast Texas, Workforce Solutions has consistently pursued its mission to connect job seekers and employers with essential services, comprehensive training, and unwavering support. The overarching goal has been to drive local economic growth while fostering self-sufficiency, with a particular focus on high-growth career pathways.
In the wake of the pandemic-induced economic downturn, the Southeast Texas region witnessed a surge in unemployment numbers, peaking at an unprecedented 11.8% in 2021. This crisis had a disproportionate impact on the region’s most vulnerable communities.
Compounding these challenges, marketing funds for 2022 were slashed by 26%, severely impacting Workforce Solutions’ ability to inform job seekers about available no-cost support services and training programs and to successfully meet employers’ skilled workforce needs.

The Challenge

The reduced funding presented two immediate challenges: first, effectively reaching out to employers to encourage and support hiring initiatives as the economy began to recover, and second, developing qualified job seekers who often require additional skills training and support services to meet employers’ hiring requirements.

The Solution

In response, The Lee Group undertook a thorough reassessment of messaging and marketing strategies, with a dual aim of continuing to provide awareness of crucial support services to those in need and actively engaging employers in vital hiring initiatives.
We effectively used a blend of paid and organic digital strategies to address their unique challenges. The approach encompassed various channels, including display, social media, and search ads, complemented by informative blogs, engaging explainer videos, and compelling job seeker testimonials.
Messaging was tailored to specific job markets and employers. The creative content featured concise, information-rich messaging infused with aspirational elements. Importantly, each piece of content linked to the Workforce Solutions website, providing readily accessible and actionable information. This made it effortless for both job seekers and employers to connect with the resources and training opportunities offered through Workforce Solutions.
Employer Manifesto Video

The Results

The sharpened digital campaign achieved double digit increases in key performance indicators, leading to substantial growth in engagement within both the job seeker and employer markets.
By the campaign’s end, Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas served more job seekers and employers than the previous year. The number of employers served increased by 15%, reaching 2,323, the highest in five years. Additionally, job seeker support grew by 10%, with 9,584 individuals finding employment through Workforce services and programs.

Year-over-year digital tactics also delivered significant KPI increases:

  • Display ad clicks surged by 32%.
  • Click-thru rates soared by 86%, with ads achieving a 0.39% CTR, surpassing the industry average by 179%.
  • Cost-per-click decreased by 25%, outperforming the industry average by 17%.
  • Video ads achieved a 37% viewed to 100% completion rate on social media and paid platforms.

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