Association of Former Students at Texas A&M

From Howdy to Here: Raising Brand Awareness for a Prominent Alumni Organization

The Association of Former Students used a multi-faceted marketing campaign to shine a spotlight on its programs and services—and showed the world how much it cares about students and alumni.

The Background

The Association of Former Students (known as The Association) is the official alumni organization of Texas A&M University. The Association bolsters the university through fundraising, programs, and services that support the Aggie Network, which represents more than 67,000 current students, alumni, and donors.
While The Association makes an impact on just about everything Aggie-related—traditions, student organizations, clubs, reunions, and college departments—its efforts and true impact on the university are largely unknown by its audiences.

The Lee Group was brought in to lead a 12-month campaign focused on telling the organization’s brand story and to raise awareness and appreciation for The Association’s impactful breadth of work across the entire Aggie Network.

The Challenge

While The Association enjoys strong brand awareness and recognition for its Aggie Ring program (the school’s famous class rings), there was low awareness of the organization’s other programs and services. To effectively demonstrate how The Association impacts the lives of the entire Aggie Network, The Lee Group outlined a unified omnichannel campaign that could be created and executed within a limited budget.

The campaign needed to accomplish six primary goals:

The Solution

The Lee Group created the “Here. There. Everywhere.” campaign to demonstrate that The Association is: here for Aggies during their days as students and former students, there for Aggies as they make their way around the world, and everywhere that the Aggie Network needs them to be.
This campaign also included easily recognizable Aggie-centric phrases and experiences, which were used to attract attention and evoke a sense of nostalgia and pride.
For the campaign, the team developed a messaging platform, proof points, and three unique approaches to which the specific marketing tactics would ladder up:
  • A graphical approach to demonstrate scale and scene (signage and graphics)
  • An educational approach for current students (school trivia, spirit wear, etc.)
  • An Aggie tradition-focused approach for alumni (social media and more).
The campaign also relied on explainer videos and high-ethos videos that were shared on YouTube and promoted on Facebook and Instagram. Lastly, the team developed a multi-faceted media strategy that included paid search, display ads, paid social, videos, landing pages, print, on-campus signage, a traveling booth used at events, and giveaways.
The campaign was designed to span 12 months, with optimizations taking place at strategic times. At the end of the campaign, key performance indicators would be assessed.
:30 Social Video

The Results

By all accounts, the “Here. There. Everywhere.” campaign was a success and helped raise awareness and appreciation for the work The Association does to improve the lives of students and alumni. The results of the campaign included 39,026,917 total impressions, 236,323 total clicks, an 11.35% landing page conversion rate, and a 40.20% YouTube click-through rate.

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